Heart-Safe Periodontal Care

Nearly 800 bacteria species in your mouth!

Recently, evidence-based studies have found that the bacteria in our mouths do not just stay in our mouths. In fact, they can travel throughout the body in concentrations that could be considered systemic septicemia or blood poisoning.

The profession of dentistry has been challenged by the medical profession and public health organizations to become proactive in reducing the potentially negative impact of oral pathogens in other areas of the body. For years, dentistry has felt that the way dental cleanings were accomplished was more than adequate. Now, a new standard of care has emerged in dental/oral medicine. The new standard of care will, in fact, save lives and extend the lives of the patients we see and treat on a routine basis.

Of the nearly 800 bacteria species identified in the mouth, 11 are now known to be potentially fatal or hazardous to our health when found elsewhere in the body. We know what those 11 species are and how to determine if they are present and how many are present. We now understand how to eliminate or control the concentrations of these bacteria to mitigate the health threat that they pose.

These pathogens travel throughout the body after being swallowed, being inhaled (especially when snoring), and by entering the bloodstream through bleeding gums.

It is known that these 11 species respond differently to different therapies. In many circumstances, the dentist must know exactly which pathogens are present and in what concentration in order to develop a treatment strategy to eliminate them. In addition to polishing and scaling, which only temporarily disrupt the bacterial colonies, effective therapy must include the use of the correct antibiotic and/or antimicrobial.

Few dental teams are trained to accomplish the above healthy outcomes for their patients.

Because of these important and heart safe discoveries, it has been an honor for Dr. O’Brien and her dental team to have made the investment in our patients’ total health and wellness. Our doctors have been trained to deliver this new standard of healthcare to you.